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Did you know that up to 90% of your old office chair can be recycled!
In today’s push to reduce, re-use and recycle It has become common to recycle used paper, toner and ink cartridges, plastics and a myriad of other small office consumables.
But one of the largest and frequently discarded items is the office chair.

Since 1992 The Chair doctor has sold around 25,000 office chairs and the old, discarded ones had to go somewhere.
A small number were picked up and re-sold but, until now, the majority of these obsolete chairs have gone to landfill. Not the best option!

Q) Is there a solution?
A) Yes!


In an attempt to reduce this waste and re-use the components within the chair, We were able to come up with a solution. This was not without some challenges but with a bit of lateral thinking and caring for our environment we are now able to recycle up to 90% of an old ergonomic chair.


Discussions with the Foam suppliers, and a local steel merchant mean that we can now take back unusable chairs and have them recycled.

                          THE RECYCLING PROGRAM   

How it works???


Your old chair can be collected for FREE when we deliver your new one.

It is brought back to our factory and stripped down to it’s individual components.
These are then taken to the various merchants for recycling.
Mechanism, Back Post and Gas cylinder-are Sent to a local steel merchant
Plastic components- and cardboard boxes are collected by the City of Swan for recyling
At this stage we cannot recycle the fabric, seat board, foam or the castors, however we are looking at ways we can avoid sending these to landfill as well.

Q)What if we have old chairs but don’t need new ones?
A)We are happy to recycle chairs even if you are not purchasing a new one from us at the cost of $11.00 (inc GST) per chair cost is based on the chairs being dropped in Malaga.

If you need them collected the cost will be $11 per chair plus freight charges.