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The Chair Doctor manufactures a range of chairs in Western Australia which can be customised according to your requirements. We also supply imported furniture which has standard upholstery and colour options.

Furniture made in Australia can be made to order with your own choice of fabric, leather or vinyl and in your own choice of colour, and in some cases you may provide your own material.


Vinyl is durable and relatively easy to clean, and comes in a variety of colors and textures, making it ideal for commercial furniture in waiting rooms, hospitality, aged care and many other areas. Vinyl is sometimes referred to as Polyurethane or PU. The Chair Doctor will advise on the best product for your needs.

Dolce Collection

Dolce is a premium quality vinyl designed to withstand the abuse of the harshest commercial environment. With a choice of 28 sophisticated colours and a remarkable ‘lambskin-like’ feel, Dolce will bring comfort and elegance to any interior.

Dolce is protected with the exclusive SilverGuard finish to provide a fresh, hygienic surface for commercial upholstery. SilverGuard is highly effective by destroying microorganisms through multiple paths. SilverGuard attacks the bacteria in a technical process and is slowly released from its matrix in the presence of moisture, typically after cleaning. The end result is antibacterial protection for the life of the product.

Please note, colours are a digital representation. Please contact us if you require physical samples.

Cordova Ultra

Cordova Ultra is the next generation in vinyl upholstery with the new Permashield® Plus coating which not only protects the upholstery surface in harsh environments, it also offers the unique 'anti-graffiti' finish which allows most stubborn stains and graffiti to be removed with minimal effort.

Cordova Ultra is abrasion resistant, is fire retardant and UV stablised.

Please note, colours are a digital representation. Please contact us if you require physical samples.

Capri - Marine Vinyl

Please note, colours are a digital representation. Please contact us if you require physical samples.


Most leather for leather furniture products comes from cows. The life of every cow is different and the hide or skin tells the story of its existence, resulting in natural features and marks that could be considered part of the beauty of the product. Sofa leather can also be “corrected” by applying more processes and finishes to allow a lesser-quality hide to be fixed and used effectively. If leather furniture looks too perfect and too much like plastic – it probably is.

Black is the most common colour for leather office furniture, however leather can be dyed in range of different colours. If requiring a different colour for your leather chair, it is necessary (in most cases) to purchase a complete hide. Therefore, it is usually only economical if more than one chair or item of furniture is required. These items are then made to order and will typically take 2 weeks or more.

Please contact us if you need any further information on leather upholstery.



The Chair Doctor sources upholstery fabric from a number of sources. Standard fabric colours are Black, Black Self-Patterned, Charcoal, Navy and Red. Fabrics vary in price depending on the weave, quality and colour options. Please see the Custom Options page for a listing of some of the colours available.